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Areas of activity

Realization of objects of any complexity with the same excellent quality. Regardless of whether it is a private house or a technologically complex industrial facility, we guarantee you a high-quality project in compliance with all regulatory requirements.

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  • Private houses, cottages and country houses;

  • Design of individual low-rise buildings;

  • Design of townhouses and duplexes; 

  • Planning of the adjacent territory (gazebos, private saunas, swimming pools, adjacent infrastructure and engineering networks) 

  • Development of 3D visualization;


  • Residential complexes;

  • Multi-apartment residential buildings;

  • Design in the protected zone of cultural heritage monuments;

  • Territory planning project (General plan);

  • Complex static calculations in calculation complexes;

  • Development of 3D visualization;

Барвиста багатоповерхова будівля на тлі блакитного неба
Екстер'єр комерційної будівлі


  • Offices and business centers;

  • Hotels and motel complexes;

  • Shopping and entertainment centers;

  • Medical institutions;

  • Catering establishments (restaurants, cafes, bars);

  • Recreation and SPA complexes;

  • Sports complexes;


  • Production buildings, workshops;

  • Warehouse facilities;

  • Plants and factories;

  • Hangars and logistics centers;

  • Agricultural facilities;

Порожній завод
Architectural Plan


  • Heating and ventilation systems;

  • Water supply, drainage and sewage systems

  • Power supply systems;

  • Fire extinguishing systems, video surveillance, security and access control systems


  • Author's supervision of construction;

  • Development and maintenance of construction schedules, meeting minutes and acts;

  • Inspection and determination of the technical condition of buildings and structures;

  • Coordination of engineering systems with each other, as well as with the architecture, construction and design of the building;

  • Approval of project documentation in the relevant services;

  • Formation of a design task;

  • Preparation of tender documentation;

Планування будівельних робіт


  • Integrated management of a construction project;

  • Project support;

  • Consultations of specialists in the field of design;

  • Engineering and consulting services of a design, construction, calculation and analytical, organizational or research nature;

  • Selection of optimal design solutions for each individual object;

  • Development of commercial proposals;

  • Preparation of feasibility studies for projects;

  • Development of recommendations in the field of production organization and project management;

  • Provision of services on a contractual basis to enterprises and organizations regardless of ownership and to individuals;

Облаштування робочого столу

Design of construction projects. General information.

For objects of responsibility CC1

the design is underway:

- In one stage - detailed design (DD);

- In two stages - for non-production facilities - a preliminary design (PD), and for production facilities and linear engineering and transport infrastructure facilities - a feasibility study (FS) and for both - a detailed design (DD).

For objects of responsibility CC2,  the design is carried out in two stages:

For facilities that are classified as having medium consequences (CC2), the design may be carried out in two or three stages at the customer's decision:

In two-stage design:

- stage project (hereinafter referred to as stage P);

- working documentation stage (hereinafter referred to as the W stage);

In case of three-stage design: for non-production facilities - the EP stage or, according to the relevant justified decision of the customer, the feasibility study stage, and for production facilities and linear facilities of engineering and transport infrastructure - the feasibility study stage.

For objects of responsibility CC3, the design is carried out in three stages:

- for non-production facilities - EP or with appropriate justification of the feasibility study, and for production facilities and linear facilities of engineering and transport infrastructure - feasibility study (FS);

- project (P);

- working documentation (W).

The stage of feasibility calculation (FС), feasibility study (FS):

It is developed on the basis of the customer's assignment for industrial facilities and linear objects of engineering and transport infrastructure that require a detailed justification of the relevant decisions and determination of options and feasibility of the facility construction.

The feasibility calculation is used for technically simple industrial facilities and linear objects of engineering and transport infrastructure. A feasibility calculation is performed in a reduced scope compared to a feasibility study in accordance with the nature of the object and the requirements of the task.

The stage of the preliminary design (PD):

It is developed on the basis of the customer's assignment to determine in principle the requirements for urban planning, architectural, artistic, environmental and functional solutions of the facility, to confirm the possibility of creating a non-production facility.

As part of the PD, to substantiate the decisions made on the customer's behalf, calculations of the main design solutions, estimated cost and justification of investment efficiency are performed, and engineering and technical developments, as well as schemes of engineering support of the facility may be additionally performed.


Project stage P:

It is developed to determine the urban planning, architectural, artistic, environmental, technical, technological, engineering solutions of the facility and the estimated cost of construction.

The P stage is developed on the basis of the design assignment, initial data, and the previous stage approved in the three-stage design process.

The sections of the P stage are presented in a clear and concise form, without excessive detail, in a composition and volume sufficient to substantiate design decisions, determine the scope of major construction works, the need for equipment, building materials and structures, provisions for the organization of construction, and determine the estimated cost of construction.

The stage of the working draft of the WP:

It is developed for technically simple facilities, as well as facilities that use reusable designs (design solutions).

The design project is developed to determine the urban planning, architectural, artistic, environmental, technical, technological, engineering solutions of the facility, the estimated cost of construction and construction works. The design is an integrating stage of the design process and consists of two parts: the approved design and the working documentation.

Design terms:

Design time is from 7 working days and depends on the complexity of the task

The cost of project development:

The total cost of creating a construction project in each case is purely individual and is calculated based on the labor costs of our specialists and the complexity of the project. When you contact us, our specialists will form a transparent commercial offer with an accurate calculation of the cost of services


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